Our Client Process
  • Select a finish for your new driveway or driveway makeover and call myDriveway for a Free Fixed Price Quotation.


  • To book in your "Start Date" and "Completion Date", simply sign the quotation accompanied with a $550 deposit. 

  • Proof of funds will need to be provided to myDriveways prior to construction.

  • This might be a bank statement or letter of finance arrangement from your bank.


  • Obtain a Driveway or Vehicular Crossing Permit from your local Council if we are conducting work in the Road Reserve.

  • We will issue you our Insurance details for you to submit along with your form.

  • Email us proof of payment of your application along with any specific Council design requirements and the phone number of the Driveway Inspections Team


  • myDriveway will clear your old driveway if needed or begin patching work for your driveway makeover.

  • You will need to pay a stage payment of 60% of the Quotation Value upon arrival of materials to site. 

  • Once payment is received, myDriveway will prepare the formwork and lay reinforcing steel for your new driveway



  • myDriveway will schedule concrete delivery upon receipt of your 2nd stage payment.

  • We will lay concrete and finish your driveway to your specifications.

  • We will erect temporary barrier tape to alert others that fresh concrete has been laid to your new driveway.

  • myDriveway will issue a final invoice prior to the concrete pour 

  • You will need to make your final payment on the day your slab is poured. 


  • myDriveway recommend applying a penetrating sealer to your new concrete driveway and will offer it as an added service.

  • Leave your barrier tape for a week after your new driveway has been poured

  • We recommend you backfill along the edges of your driveway within a week to avoid any trip hazards and to further protect your new driveway


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